Introduction: Crossfit promises “unparalleled intensity producing unparalleled results….for those who want to progress & achieve.”  Crossfit makes us feel “good” on a daily basis.

We like the endorphins, setting a new PR, and the community pursuing similar goals.

Have you achieved unparalleled results?

If not, why not?

While Crossfit is an exercise program, it’s also a lifestyle.  It’s about moving in a way you’ve never moved before, being part of team that works hard and plays hard together, and making your world bigger.

That’s what Crossfit does.  It asks you to reach outside of your comfort zone.  Because we know that once you do, you’re going to be a healthier, stronger, and happier person because of it.

Part of achieving unparalleled results comes with the food (the fuel and the building materials) that you ingest in your body.

What we’ve realized is that no matter how hard you exercise, how many visits you make to Barefoot Rehab, how easy your life is at home or how much money you make, you just can’t outwork a bad diet.

Enter the 30 Day Paleo Challenge.

Crossfit Morristown is going 30 days straight-Paleo (Twitter Page)

Our goal is for each of us eat Paleo ALL 30 days, and see how much better our body functions when we feed it clean fuel and building materials.

What does that mean?

Foods your standard hunter-gatherer would have found in the wild.

Meat, birds, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Notice what it isn’t: bread, pasta, milk, cheese, or processed foods.

We are eating clean Paleo for all of April in order to see:

  • How good we can feel when we eat the way nature intended.
  • How lean we can get when we avoid sugar outside of fruits and vegetables.
  • How much we can improve in WODs when we allow ourselves to recover.
  • How many symptoms of disease (acne, mental fog, bloating, asthma) we can get rid of without medication.

Will you join us?

Dr. Chris has assembled a guide on his website:  http://www.humbleobserver. net/beginner-guide-to-the- paleo-diet/

Courtesy of Robb Wolf: resources/

What to do:

1.    PROOF: Have a non-judgemental loved one take a picture of you in your bathing suit from the front, the side, and the back.

YOU MUST DO THIS as it is a key motivating factor.  In fact, put the picture up on your wall or up on your wallpaper on your computer as a reminder.

2.    HONOR SYSTEM:Comment each day on the blog with recipes, progress, your physical or emotional state, a funny story about how your daughter cried for pasta when you made steamed kale, etc.

3.    BETTER RESULTS: Write down what you eat.  People who do this tend to have the most success