Should You Do CrossFit To Lose Weight?

Should you do CrossFit to lose weight? To put it simply, yes!

crossfit womanThe style of training in Crossfit is high-intensity-interval training, or HIIT.

This means that the exercises are done in circuits with an aim to be as difficult as possible, for a relatively short period. Rather than running on a treadmill for hours and not really getting any results, the HIIT workouts at crossfit show results in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual.

Why HIIT works

This intensive training combines weights and cardio, making it efficient. An efficient wod orlando makes the most of your 1 hour exercise routine by burning 3 or 4 times the amount of energy. Lifting weights and any form of resistance training challenges the muscles.

They become toned, dense and powerful. With these improvements also come a change in metabolism.

Muscles are active; they require lots of nourishment! Muscles use up a lot of energy when working, but also at rest. Expect to start burning serious calories from these workouts! With more energy being burned during workouts and long after they are completed, the likelihood of losing fat increases significantly.

Eating well won’t hurt either…

It should be noted that CrossFit also encourages a clean form of eating and nutrition. Whole foods only, consisting of vegetables, primarily, along with meats and some nuts and fruit.

This “diet” is hardly considered a diet for those who do crossfit. Instead, it is a way of life. Yes, everyone needs a treat every now and again, but the majority of the time, a healthy diet is followed. On the plus side eating “paleo” or “primal” also means eating regularly, and whenever you are hungry! You’ll be able to get your hands on food when your body tells you it needs a little sustenance; however, rather than reaching for cookies, you can reach for the healthier options!

You might even gain some weight!

The weigh scale is a very misleading instrument! You might actually be gaining weight from CrossFit. In fact, most people do! Not to worry, you’re most likely going to start putting on some muscle mass as your become stronger. While losing fat, most crossfitters also gain muscle. The correlation is between strength and mass.

That means that as muscles become stronger they will become more dense and weigh more, but not necessarily grow much larger than they already are. The muscle volume growth is seen more on some than others as a result of genetics, body type and hormone balance (men put on more volume than women).

Overall, CrossFit and workouts similar to this offer a unparalleled exercise regime.

With a lot of intense hard work, you’ll know that your body is losing weight and changing shape in the healthiest way possible!